Hstry is a digital learning tool for classrooms, optimized for computers, laptops and tablets. Interactive timelines, collaborative social features combine to make Hstry engaging and fun for your students, while being effective and practical for teachers.

Interactive timelines make history engaging

  • Create your own timelines in less than 5 minutes
  • Or use Hstry timelines for K-12 (Common Core certified)
  • Easily integrate primary sources (images, audio and video clips)
  • Promotes independent learning
Interactive timeline of each historical event

Engage students through collaboration

  • Let your students create timelines
  • Teachers and students can easily share primary sources, links, documents
  • Students interact and express themselves in a format they intuitively understand
Smart notes and open whiteboard

Hstry in the classroom

Are you a Social Studies teacher? Do you use technology in your classroom?

Hstry is currently in closed BETA mode. If you would like to use the application in your classroom, please drop us your email below.